mO2 User Manual

mO2 User Manual



  • mO2 v1.0.5 09.01.2019

    • Added a new Blend Opacity Mode to the Material

    • Added a Cutout Threshold parameter in the Alpha Cutout Opacity mode

    • Added a "Tile Mode" parameter within the Material -> Texture Mapping

    • Applying a Material with custom Texture Mapping (Cubic, Planar, etc.) onto the entire Instancer will now texture all of its instances accordingly,

    • Illuminance Channel can now be used in the Refraction and Blend Opacity Modes,

    • Motion Blur amount parameter now works correctly,

    • SVGs aspect ratio is now applied to its source shape instead of the object's scale so Bevel is no longer being stretched out,

    • Ctrl+LMB now works in the Scene Structure view,

    • Importing incorrect SVGs should no longer crash mO2. The problematic paths will now be simplified or removed completely,

    • Effector's Invert Shape and Light's Cast Shadows options are now properly imported from Cinema 4D files,

    • Fixed various other bugs.